The ALL-IN-ONE CRM, Marketing & Course Creation Platform for Coaches

Experience the all-in-one platform designed for coaches and business consultants. It equips you with the essential tools, strategies, and unwavering support needed for your success. Amplify lead generation, enhance client conversion, and deliver impactful coaching.

Replace EVERY piece of tech you are using in your business and manage it ALL in ONE amazing place!

CFS is a single platform with EVERYTHING you need to run your coaching business including...

Pre-Built Funnels

Ready-made Funnels and Landing Pages. We don't rely on luck for your strategy.

Choose from proven funnels for coaches, or build your own easily using our drag-and-drop page builder.

Turn Leads Into Paying Customers

Don't miss important conversations! Organise all your communication in one spot to double your response time and fill your pipeline faster!

Never Double Book Yourself and Team

Integrated Calendars and Reminders make it easy to schedule appointments in one simple process.

All Comms in One Place

Boost your lead response rate by using multiple communication channels like Facebook, Instagram, SMS, and Email for messaging.

Build Campaigns that Nurture

Achieve an increased response rate from leads and customers using CFS automation campaigns that work across different channels.

Deliver Your Program

Create, make, and launch courses for your clients round the clock. Our all-in-one course hosting lets you serve countless clients with as many courses as you like.

Real Time Snapshot Of Your Business

Our all-in-one platform lets you view all your data in one spot, from Facebook and Google Ads to your earnings and sales.

Manage Leads and Collect Payments

Keep tabs on your potential customers and clients with our automated CRM. Accept payments seamlessly with our ready-to-use Stripe and Paypal checkouts

Here are just SOME of our incredible features.....

Create Unlimited Courses

Whether you're new to creating courses, a seasoned global coach, or a registered training organization, CFS stands out as the top e-learning platform and learning management system available.

Create Unlimited Workflows, Emails, Invoices, Agreements & Automations

Imagine reclaiming all your time by letting technology handle your admin tasks.

With CFS, it's possible!

You can use 'workflows' to automate nearly any task, like sending emails, granting course access, managing memberships, and much more.

This time-saving feature will transform your life!

What's more, we've already created a variety of workflows for you, included for free with your CFS account. These cover course check-ins, messenger bots, webinars, appointments, and more.

Sales Management & Customer Journey Pipelines

Using the 'customer journey' feature, you can map out every step of your customer's experience, starting from when they become a lead, all the way through each phase of their journey as a paying client.

Your client records will be displayed as 'cards,' similar to a Trello board, placed under the respective stages of the customer journey within your business.

At each sales stage, you'll see the total dollar value (or your chosen currency) for leads or clients currently in that stage of your sales process.

This provides a quick overview of your business.

The customer journey automatically updates as clients make purchases, and these changes are reflected in your primary stats dashboard.

Plan, Schedule & Auto-Post Your Social Media Content

Let CFS take care of your social media marketing on autopilot!

Easily link your Facebook Pages, Facebook groups, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, and Google My Business profile to your CFS account.

Then, use the social media planner and auto-posting features to effortlessly share your videos, images, and text content across all your social media accounts, even while you're sleeping!

You can pick the precise date and time for your posts, save hashtag groups for convenience, pre-schedule and auto-post the first comment, and even utilise our built-in AI generator to create your social posts quickly.

Unlimited Calendars, Appointments & Events

Say goodbye to the back-and-forth of scheduling!

Set up your personal booking calendars for leads, clients, and students to effortlessly book free and paid appointments with you.

CFS ensures your calendar syncs seamlessly with Google and Office365, avoiding double bookings and missed appointments.

Plus, it can replace tools like Calendly and Acuity.

You have the freedom to create unlimited free and paid appointments, events, classes, workshops, sales calls, strategy sessions, and more.

Add as many team members or guest speakers as you need, set up automatic reminders and rebooking links, integrate with your Zoom account, and even control attendee numbers.

Whether it's a one-time event or a recurring one, we've got you covered.

Includes 24/7 Community Support &

a FREE 60 min set-up call as well as....

  • Client Management: Coach Flow Systems offers a unified dashboard that simplifies managing all your clients in one place. This streamlines your workflow and boosts efficiency.

  • Automation: Our platform provides robust automation features. You can set up automated email campaigns, text messages, and even voicemails, saving you significant time and ensuring consistent client communication.

  • Appointment Scheduling: Our built-in calendar app makes it a breeze for your clients to schedule appointments with you, eliminating the scheduling back-and-forth.

  • Lead Generation: With our comprehensive Page Builder, you can create websites, funnels, and landing pages to attract and capture leads effectively.

  • Payment Collection: CFS includes tools for seamless payment collection, simplifying your billing and financial management.

  • Scalability: CFS allows you to add unlimited accounts, ensuring it can grow with your coaching or consulting practice, whether it's small or large.

  • Agreements: In CFS, agreements provide a detailed outline of the client's issue, the proposed solution, a breakdown of tasks, methods, deliverables, and timeline. It also covers the cost structure, legal details, company information, and next steps for the client to proceed.

  • Online Library: A tailored platform for coaches and consultants, offering a secure, all-in-one space for clients to access courses, monitor their progress, and engage with community groups. This promotes a strong sense of community, enriches the learning journey, and elevates client engagement and satisfaction. Unlimited Courses allowed.



All Plans include a FREE CFS Training Library to assist you in setting up your system on your own.

Moreover, all Plans come with a complimentary 60-minute onboarding Zoom call with one of our 'CFS Experts' to guide you through the initial setup and introduce you to the platform.

However, if you prefer to have your entire site professionally established, customized, branded, and seamlessly integrated into your business tools, or if you'd like our CFS Experts to handle the migration of your courses, products, email automations, forms, website, and calendars, you can opt for our migration and setup service by clicking the button below.